Jody Dyer
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Jody loves speaking to book clubs, civic groups, church groups, and classes of all ages.

She can join local groups in person, but is happy to talk with non-local groups via Skype. Jody's boys (Houston and Scotty) and professional life keep her happily trapped in East Tennessee.

Messages vary depending on the audience demographics or the organization's needs/purposes. Below is a list of topics and titles from previous speaking engagements. While many topics are of a serious nature, Jody is a humorist at heart. No matter the topic, she brings insight and relief through candid talk and humorous anecdotes.
Crossing the digital divide
Be a contributor, not a consumer
Everyone has something to teach others
Adoption is an attitude
"Wide" open adoption
Be specific in your support of others
No one should grieve alone
Infertility sucks
Be a teammate, not a critic
Walk a mile in her bra
Be the band, not the coach
Think outside the barn
Adventures in self-publishing

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Photo "Tiny Huge God Wink"
courtesy of Jody Dyer